Inland Networks Peering Policy

Inland Telephone Company (AS26088) Peering Policy

The general peering policy of AS26088 is selective. Inland will peer with ISPs, NSPs and CDNs where it makes technical sense to do so.

The peering contact for AS26088 is peering at inlandnet dot com.

No prospective peer who is an Inland Telephone transit customer will be permitted to enter a peering relationship with AS26088 at the same time such transit customer is maintaining transit connections with AS26088 at any location.

Peers must not establish a default route directed at AS26088. Peers must not establish any routes directed at AS26088, which are not advertised by AS26088.

Peers must enforce an Acceptable Usage Policy and must be responsive to network abuse complaints to include but not limited to: unsolicited e-mail, security alerts, and all routing related issues. Peers must provide a method to escalate and resolve network emergencies. Email addresses and phone numbers requested and 24-hour call center/contact number encouraged. AS26088 reserves the right to suspend peering for an indefinite period of time should any form of network abuse be verified to take place via the peering interconnect such as denial of service attacks (DOS), unsolicited bulk email (SPAM), setting default-route to AS26088 or violation of this agreement.

All network requirements must be met at the time the prospective peer submits the request for peering to AS26088.

Peers are expected to register their routes and policies with and have a readily accessible peering policy web page.

Neither AS26088 nor peers will advertise third party routes. If either party detects third party routes, they will have the right to deny said routes.

Peers shall support Classless Internet Domain Routing ("CIDR") exchanged at edge routers using BGP-4. The routes shall be sufficiently aggregated routes unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. AS26088 will not accept any announcement smaller than /24.

Peers will announce consistent routing announcements to AS26088 unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. Consistent announcements require that all routes be announced at all peering sites with the same aggregation properties.

AS26088 reserves the right to change this peering policy without notice.

IPv6 peering requested when both parties support it (we don't yet), with the same policy applied to v4 and v6.

Please address all questions or comments regarding this policy statement to

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